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Wellbeing Hacks: finding our WOW!

31st January 2020

What if I told you there was a formula to wellbeing - would you be in?

I don't know about you but I often hit January with the energy of a supersonic. This year I powered into new goals, new ventures, new ideas; and now, 31 days later, I'm slipping. January can be hard work, I'm struggling with the grey, the excitement of Christmas has gone and I've exhausted myself by not pacing my goals! Plus, I'm the back end of a pantomime cow twice a week - don't ask!

All this got me thinking - what if there were some secret hacks to just being a bit more more well! 

It turns out there are, and they are known as The Six Ways to Wellbeing. Scientist have found that 40% of our wellbeing is made up of our actions and attitudes to life, these are things we can hack into and change in ourselves. These six ways are to: be active, keep learning, give back, connect with others, take notice and care for the planet. We will explore them in that order but you can start with which ever area feels easiest for you!

Over the next six weeks, we're going to look into each of these six ways and if you are up for it, have a go at putting some of them into our lives. On the https://www.wheelofwellbeing.org/ website you can set up your own wellbeing wheel. We've also produced a habit tracker for you to download - we're not going to rush this, just a small change each week! 

So are you up for it? Hacking into our wellbeing over the next six weeks! 

Wellbeing Habit Tracker