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Vision Boards | Make it Monday

11th January 2021

Vision Board Activity

Orange Vision Board Clean

Welcome to Make it Monday! 

This week we've been making a Vision Board, this is a great activity to do alone or even as a family. It takes up some time as well, so if you are bored at home, it's a good one to crack on with!

Why make one?

I know, all the goals from last year went down the drain! Vision boards are a different approach to goals. I find it really useful to start with a theme rather than a goal (or even just wait for words and pictures to inspire me).  My theme for this year is Strong/Strengthen. It's all about strengthening the lessons, skills, and habits that I put in last year.  

https://oneword365.com/ is a great website if you need help choosing a word

  • Choosing a word can help us structure what we say yes to this year
  • Setting goals can give us a sense of hope
  • Realistic goals can still be set in lockdown and help pass time
  • Habits can give us structure
  • Habits lead to goals
  • Reached goals give us a sense of achievement
  • The journey causes us to grow!

Watch the video below to see how we did it this year:

You Will Need: 

  • Old magazines
  • Photos
  • A selection of Craft Materials: tissue paper, coloured paper, postcards, stickers, gems, text (old books), computer printouts, washi tape, etc.
  • Glue (like Prit stick, not PVA)
  • A poster board (or A3 card)
  • Pens & Pencils
  • Paints 

Happy Crafting!

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