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An Unhindered Life

16th May 2019

This week we joined instagram (@Swaleyouth) What an exciting week to join with so many posts raising Mental Health Awareness and in particular Body Positivity. As a youth organisation providing opportunities for young people to flourish, mental health awareness comes high on our agenda. 

Body positivity can be something of a hidden struggle with youth. They are told to accept their body how it is and yet much of their life is saturated with diet culture, celebrity endorsements, and curated images. I have had young people tell me they feel guilty for not 'feeling' body positive, so they hide and 'pretend' they don't care about how they look, when really they do. How can we help young people navigate this?

I listened to a great podcast this morning called Body Cons, The conversation in episode 7 'what if I don't like my body' with  @beyondbodyconfidence concludes that "having a positive body image isn't about getting on a beach and strutting down it" but "where your feelings about your body aren't holding you back from life". How awesome would it be if every young person was able to say that?

Providing opportunities for an unhindered life is what we as a consortia are working towards for the youth of Swale! Over the next few weeks we will be telling you how we do this.