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5 Tips for Wellbeing during exams

5th June 2019

Exam Tips

Happy Hump day everyone! For many of you, this week has been full of exams and revision. You Got This - We thought we'd encourage you today with some of our exam top tips for wellbeing!

1. Get Active: I know it can be tempting to just stay inside either revising or sleeping! Even if it's just 30 minutes kicking the ball around, or taking the dog for a walk, getting outside will be good for your mind. A good tip is in between exams, revision subjects or even at the start and end of the day; go out for a quick 5 minute walk around the block. It will help your brain wake up again! 

2. Get Balanced: Work, Rest, Play! Try balancing your 'work' with rest & play. You might want to retreat off and get lost in a book, or go out with a friend and do some window shopping - you do you! The tip is to remember though to balance it - you've got a whole summer to enjoy once the revising is done!

3. Get Out: When you have finished an exam, don't stand around analysing what you wrote. Have a celebration song for after each exam that you listen to as a 'cut' off between this exam and the next. Don't judge every exam the same way. I failed my second and third driving because I thought about the first fail. On my fourth, I went in with a different mind. I went in looking at the test as a new thing. This time I passed. Get out of one exam mindset and into the next! You Got This!

4. Get Hydrated: I know, it is tempting to fill up on coffee and sugary drinks, but I also know it's water that helps my brain work well. Water keeps me awake, and keeps my brain cool. . If you are allowed, take a water bottle in.

5. Get Organised: Pack your bag up the night before. Make sure you include everything you need, your notes. Check your timetable - the room you are in and the exam time. Pack it up, and sleep well, knowing all is ready for the morning. You Got This