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Faversham Summerfest is the best!

24th August 2020

Faversham was the location for our first Summerfest! We had a great time full of summer activities, learning new schools, overcoming obstacles, and making new friends. Take a look at the video below to see our highlights!

On day one, we learnt how to keep ourselves safe at the Walled Garden (and how the eco-toilet worked!!|). We had fun getting to know each other by taking on the leaders obstacle course. After playing some more games, and having a snack break it was time to get creative! Some created wristbands and 'merch' out of fabric, others painted stones. 

Faversham Summer Club Obstacle Course

After lunch, we were given an egg and told we had to make a protective carrier for it. Leader Craig said he'd be able to destroy all the eggs - you'll have to watch the video to see what happened!

Day two was a little bit wet, we played some new games indoors and when it was dryer, we challenged each other to create a new obstacle course! The girls team won by one whole minute!! Our obstacle courses all joined up so we couldn't make it too difficult because we would have to do it ourselves. We spent most of the afternoon indoor crafting and playing games. 

"My son said it was the best day he's had since being 10....HUGE praise I reckon! Thank you, he had a great time."

Tie Dye Summer Activities In Faversham 2020

Thursday was really fun! There were more new people so we showed them how the site worked and then we got to have a go at Tie Dye! They look great and so unique, some of us even wore it the next day! 

We had a lunchtime concert from Craig - and some of us had a go too and showed off our talents! 

In the afternoon we made pinata's! This was so much fun, especially when we got to smash them and collect the sweets!!

20200820 145530

Our last day started with a Quiz, but not just with questions we had to do lots of different things including craft and picking courgettes, tomatoes, raspberries & blackberries from the lower garden. We even got to take them home! 

It was so windy we decided to make kites. Then leader Zac helped us improve our archery skills. In the afternoon we got to do something really exciting - making a soda rocket! It was so fun - there was lots of screaming and laughing and Leaders Lou & Tanya got covered in the mixture! Then we tidied up 'camp', picked a few more vegetables and it was time to go home.

As always - regardless of the activities, what is most important to us as leaders, were the friendships formed. Seeing young people swap numbers, arrange to meet up and ask for more clubs and activities from us so they can meet, is what we do this for! 

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