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Stay Safe Online

28th January 2021

Data Privacy 

We learn, connect with friends, and play games online and through this pandemic, you have probably found yourself going online more and more. I know I have downloaded several new apps (like houseparty which drained my phone so went very quickly!), said yes to hundreds of 'cookies' requests, and entered a bunch of competitions. When we are on these apps, websites, even video calls, how can we know that our data is kept safe? How can we stay safe online?

Keep Tabs Data Privacy

Be aware of what we share

Today is Data Privacy Day, an international event that occurs every year on 28 January. Data Privacy Day raises awareness and promotes privacy and data protection best practices, helping us to stay safe online. We need to be aware, of what we share!

Many of these platforms ask for or give opportunities for personal information to be shared. It is important to know how to stay safe! When I am making videos, there is a place I can stand in my home where you can see my house address, so I don't stand there. When I am doing an unboxing video, I make sure my address is hidden first. When I sign up for a new account, I make sure I check that the platform is safe, and who they are sharing my data with, Even in group chat, I am careful about what I give away.

Personal Info Data Privacy

Be in the know

You can find out more about staying safe online by heading over to the teen page of Stay Safe Online and also by looking at thinkuknow. If you want to find out about what we at Swale Youth do with your data you can find out here. A great Instagram account to follow, with helpful advice and tips to keep your personal information personal follow here

One more place to find great information is a Crash Course series with John Green (fault in their stars, vlogbrothers).

Below is the series finale, talking about navigating online information on your social media feed. 

"Social media shapes both our online and offline behaviors from how we engage in communities and consume goods and services to influencing our thoughts and opinions. So let's talk about how they really function - the good stuff and also the terrible stuff. We know that navigating our current information environment can be frustrating, and we hope this series has helped you develop the habits to navigate our digital world a bit more confidently. Thanks so much for watching!"

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