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Spooky Night at Monday Night Disability Club

30th October 2019

Three Pumpkins

Spooky things were happening this week at Manic Monday Disability Club in Faversham. 

Entering the room, we knew things were different, the Monster Mash was playing, pumpkins were waiting to be carved, a bowl of apples sat bobbing in water and Debs had flashing pumpkins on her head!

It was SPOOKY NIGHT at Manic Monday! Aria & Debs stationed themselves with the pumpkins, carving out the spooky designs that the young people had drawn onto the skin. There were varied reactions to pulling out the Pumpkins guts!!


Zac was the spooky slime master, teaching the young people how to make glittery slime; one young person said:

"I've never made slime before, I can't believe it worked!"

Once the pumpkins were made, the apples bobbed and the slime slimed(?!), we took our designs outside and lit them! They looked amazing! We even got to take them home with us! 

Take a look at our photo gallery!!  Don't our young people look great!