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Smashed It!

24th March 2023

Happy Friday! We are on the last letter of the PERMA+ Model this week, discovering simple ways to make ourselves feel better. Accomplishment, achievements - when we've smashed it!

Smashed It

Have you ever...

  • completed an activity & smashed it?
  • got to that next level
  • had a feel-good moment when someone praises you
  • or likes your photo
  • uploaded a TikTok that everyone loves
  • absolutely nailed that performance
  • scored a goal/try etc

The last letter of PERMA is all about this: accomplishments or achievements. It's about being able to reach a goal or master something. We get a rush of 'feel good' when we do, and this in turn links back to our Positive emotions and perhaps even Engagement, Relationships & Meaning. 

This isn't about the short term though (although that is good), this is about learning and growing in an activity - it's something we see at The Mill, Skatepark a lot - people keeping going learning a trick and then eventually they've smashed it! It's about perseverance and passion, moving towards that destination or goal that you have set for yourself. There is something about being motivated to move towards your desired outcome that releases those feel-good chemicals.

At SYC we can help you with that through mentoring, youth clubs, and schools work. Get in touch with louise@brogdalecic.co.uk to find out more.

Smashing it

What is the goal that you would like to achieve?

Here are some quick tips if it's your first time setting goals using the 'pitch it' task in the video

Make it yours

I know Instagram and Tiktok inspire our minds with what everyone else seems to want to achieve - but what do you want? Think about your bucket list or your dreams, or skills - what could you move towards?

Make it fun

This is not just about academic goals! This is your time, and why would you use it for something boring? Make it fun!

Make it memorable

If you are like me (Lou) you forget quite quickly what you had decided to do (that's why making it fun helps cos I am more likely to want it). Habit trackers, gamification, accountability, and photo/video diaries all make it easier to remember (or of course a good old post-it note

Make it easy

There's a tool called stacking - it means you combine something you already do habitually with this new goal -  (I have a friend who does squats while cleaning her teeth!!) Other people might put their running shoes by their bed so it's the first thing they see. I have a 2L water bottle so I don't have to keep remembering to fill up my glass - how can you make it easier for you to remember

Break it into steps

In the video we talk about breaking it down into manageable steps - if you can work on something daily, even for 10 minutes, it all adds up! 

You Can Smashed It

Lastly, make sure you remember to celebrate your wins (even the small steps) and bank your success in your memory so you can recall it when you struggle to feel you are accomplishing anything.

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