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The Sittingbourne School Post-16 Peer Mentors

3rd October 2019

This term is flying by and our schools worker has already trained two groups of peer mentors who have got straight into the action! Yesterday Lou was in The Sittingbourne School with a group of Year 12s. It has been great to work with this school and we currently have 28 young people mentoring (either from Year 10 or Year 12) and have trained nearly 40 young people in the school over the last two years. 

"The group of sixth form pupils yesterday were great, very enthusiastic and participated excellently. We finished the day with our contact teacher talking them through who and how they will be paired up with as mentors and they hope to start within the next two weeks"  Lou

Lou was also visited by a couple of the Year 13 pupils who completed their ASDAN books and to receive their certificates, another popped his head round in between mentoring sessions! This pupil is having younger students ask for him as he's been doing so well as a mentor!

We have also trained another group of Year 9's this term as Oasis Academy Sheppey. These now take the peer mentor total up to 40. These mentors are also anti-bullying ambassadors and are doing great work in their school. We can't wait to see how they grow this year

We are about to release an impact report and are looking into a new primary schools initiative. You'll hear it here first!

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