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Seven by Seven Assemblies

7th October 2020

Seven by Seven

Seven by Seven is our new schools work creative challenge for this term! As we are unable to be physically present in schools, we have started to make videos with encouraging & motivating messages for Year 7s. 

Over the year we hope to expand these and even get some young people involved, so if you are interested in being part on or off screen we'd love to hear from you!

Here are our first set of videos

This one is all about the way we can cope with the changes of moving on. We might be a month in but it will still be helpful for Year 7's especially in the current climate.

This one is about the choices we make and how it can be positive to try new things. 

What happened when our youth worker lost her locker key but didn't tell anyone. 

Lou got Disney+ over the summer and it's made her think about setting small goals that boost our self esteem! That reminded her of our Pitch It tool that we teach to all our Peer Mentors.

This includes an activity requiring a piece of A4 paper

Working together is better. It's a bit like a cake, all the ingredients work best when mixed. What happens though when the heat is turned up? 

**Warning** This one might make you hungry!

Two more coming next week...

We've loved putting these together and are looking forward to sending them out to schools! Next up we are creating for Year 6 and also starting to put together some youth led wellbeing chats!

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