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My Selfie Care

16th February 2021

Lets Get Busy With The Things We Enjoy

This month Swale Youth are looking at Self Care! If you follow us on social media you can show us what your self-care looks like and you can download the planners as pdf.s here and here or copy the pictures below.

This month on What's On Your Plate we were joined by Year 11 pupil Jodie. Jodie has joined our youth team and is helping in our Sibling Club (for siblings of young people with disabilities) and in our Year 8 Fully You group. Jodie was happy to be our first teen on our podcast and shared some great thoughts about self-care, particularly in lockdown.

Connecting with Friends

Jodie and Francesca's thoughts on connecting intentionally are really helpful. We know that connecting with others is great for our wellbeing. 

Have a common goal. Maybe it's Francesca's idea of a book club, or a bake-off or even a movie party. Whatever you do have a regular social slot

"We have twice weekly film clubs with our friends and it not only is often the highlight of my week, but it gives us some well-needed structure"

Anna explains how to set up these nights. If you are watching from your computer you can always watch it through teleparty which now includes Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu & HBO. 

If you are finding honesty hard with friends at the moment then maybe Kooth would be a great website for you. 

Selfie Care

If you want the png copy of our self-care plans, then scroll down and why not take out some time in half term to think about, and find out, what you love!

Pancake Day

Don't forget tonight it's all about pancakes, watch Craig demonstrate his skills below! 

Selfie Care Plans

Use this as a mind map. Don't just put things on here that you already know work, try some new ideas too! Self Care needs to be a novelty, not the same thing day in and out.

Self Care Plan

How to use: Explore the M & Ms of Self Care; Moving, Mind, Making, & Meeting. Then choose two or three of each, that wither rest or refresh you and tick off one per night! Self care is about the selfie - do what works for you, not the 'gram!

Selfie Care Fully You
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