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Stuck in between

23rd April 2020

Are you a Lover or a hater of routine? Or like me are you stuck a little bit in between. We've got some tips for you today of how to create a routine even if you think you don't need to!

Why bother?

Everyone keeps going on about having a routine don't they! Especially in lockdown! Why is it so important for us? 

"I'm feeling out of control"

Having a routine can help you feel as if you have control in what feels like a chaotic season. Routines can help us deal with change and can help anchor us

"I'm feeling stressed, a routine will make it worse"

Routines can help reduce stress. A routine doesn't have to be like boot camp or even fill a whole day! You could start with picking 3 or 4 things you are going to do every morning (or whenever you are waking up!)

"I get board doing the same thing"

Me too - we'll get to that

Pink Popsicle With Mustache Thank You Card

I love routine...

If you are someone who loves routine, maybe by now you are sorted and having your new routine in place. Some of us though really struggle we making a new routine; we love and need routine and now we are stuck. 

In this case, stop asking "how" Start asking "what" then "why" and then "how".  I've written my answers as an example

What has gone from routine? Long Walks

Why is this activity so important for me? It clears my head

What does the activity do for me? makes me calmer, inspires me

How can I find that 'feeling' in lockdown? Walk to places closer, take pictures to help me feel outside, explore other ways to calm down

Making Stress Balls

Whether you are feeling stressed about not having routine, trying to create a routine, or not keeping to routine - a stress ball is a great way to get some stress out!

Making Stress Balls 1

I hate routine... 

I thought I hated routine, but then I also knew that I was better when I had routine! Here's some ideas for you if you hate routine, or you are a little bit in between (like me)!

  • Randomize your routine up (do the same things but in different orders)
  • Start small: try adding one thing into your day (mine was to start the morning writing out my plan for that day into my diary)
  • Different Days: I have a different thing I do on each day, for example I have a flavoured coffee on a Saturday! (helps me remember what the day is too)
  • Have two routines: have a 'super productive' routine and then a 'meh' routine for the days that are harder
  • Make a grab box: cut up a list of all the things you want to do in lockdown and pick one out each day/week. Or try creating a weekly project to keep the routines changing up
  • Change up often: This is a weird one, but I have to change my alarm every couple of months because it becomes too familiar and I sleep through it!

Be kind to yourself and enjoy a flexible routine!

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