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Weekend Plans: Room Makeover

26th June 2020

If you are anything like me, you will be so bored of your home space, and noticing every flaw and chip! I have always found that the best and easiest way to freshen up a room is to give it a little makeover! I am always re-designing my room and moving furniture around. My lounge/office/gym/cafe room has moved around several times in lockdown!

Photo Wall

We love this idea from Jade (Allsorts & Rushenden Youth Leader). There are some great apps that you can use if you don't have a printer, and they are usually quite affordable. 


Another of Jade's ideas is to take this time to declutter your room. We've also posted a quick video on our facebook page with a great wardrobe hack!

Go Big

If you want to go big and redecorate your whole room Sophie from Craftworks College (Brogdale CIC) has made two videos to help you prepare for painting a room

If you want a slightly smaller version of the task, having a feature wall (one wall a different colour to the others) can completely change how a room looks. I have a pink wall in my kitchen (the rest is white) a mint wall in my lounge (this is going to change after lockdown!) and a teal feature wall in my otherwise pale blue bedroom.

Feature Wall

Finally have a look around your room (or even on freecycle sites). Is there anything you could 'zhuzh' up? I've spray painted plastic toys gold for affect in the past and Debs (Monday Night & CUI) gave us a great idea to try upcylcing or decoupage. Check out YouTuber Lone Fox for some other affordable ideas!

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