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Relationships Matter

3rd March 2023

Relationships Matter - whether you're an introvert, extrovert, socially anxious, or always ready for new friends, positive relationships impact our wellbeing 

Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at the PERMA+ Model of Psychology. The theory grown from evidence of what people with high wellbeing trend in. 

We've looked at

P - Positive Emotions

E - Engagement 

and now we move on to

R – Positive Relationships

Relationship Matters

We are, in general a social species. We need each other, not just for physical or task driven activities but for our wellbeing too. The amount you might need to be around others differs from person to person - perhaps you like being around people less than me, but our brains and our wellbeing still need people around us. 


What really matters is not how many people we need, but the quality of these relationships. We see red and green flag conversations all over social media when it comes to romantic relationships and the same counts for friendships too. 

When we talk about needing positive relationships we are including a whole spectrum of relationships: romantic, platonic, family, peers, teachers....and your local community.

What do you think makes a positive relationship?

I think we'd all agree it's where we feel we are valued, respected, and loved, and interactions where we can also value, love, encourage and respect others.

As a teen, social connections are super important to us, but they can also be really confusing! Our mentoring can help you navigate this - get in touch if you want to know more!

Connect Four

If positive relationships are good for our wellbeing how can we try to improve them? Here are 4 ways:

  1. Join a class or group that interests you - perhaps you want to come to a VIBE club or event
  2. Get to know your friends more - organise to spend time together (sleepover, camp out, day trip, events or get creative and make something that brings you closer (a scrapbook, jewelry, start a band, team up, create a photo wall!)
  3. Create friendships with people you are acquainted with - we all have our besties, but what about spending time with some of the other people in your group that you know less? Or catch up with people you have not spoken to or connected with in a while - drop a voice note saying hi!
  4. Celebrate their success Studies show that people who celebrate others successes with them grow better relationships! And, then when your successes happen, you've already got a team of people who will celebrate with you as you did for them!

Are you heart-led?

Something I always keep our Peer Mentors in check with, it how much fixing they are trying to do! If you are a heart-led, compassionate or empathic person you can sometimes end up putting others before you too much and not taking care of yourself. This in the long term will lead to burnout

So if you are heart-led, then that is great. If you get super joyful at seeing others grow then I celebrate that - but make sure you have your people too, the ones you can go to when you need filling up, support, encouragement and love.

And if you truly find making friends difficult or have had issues with not being able to find a good set who get you - let our team know and we can see how we can support you

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