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Random Acts of Kindness

17th February 2021

Random Acts Kindness Day

Did you know that today is Random Acts of Kindness Day? 

A day to celebrate kindness because we know everyone can use more kindness in their lives. Scientific evidence shows us the positive effects of doing kind acts for others as well as receiving or even witnessing kindness. Even the smallest act of kindness can change a life. In 2021, we encourage everyone to Explore the Good and Make Kindness the Norm. https://www.randomactsofkindne...

Often we don't mean to be unkind, but we can be. Sometimes we might need to apologise, or reconcile the situation. People can be unkind to us too, and it's important we speak to an appropriate adult if that is happening.  You could contact one of our youth team or visit kooth.com if you don't know who to talk to. 

This week as part of wellbeing Wednesday, we are challenging you to choose to be kind!

Kindness Looks Like...

So what do Random Acts of Kindness actually look like? We asked some of the Faversham Residents...

My friend turned up with Chocolate! After being in lockdown for 11 months it was so lovely.

I’ve sent a little message via snail mail today! 

Maybe not a huge gesture but a lot of times when I have successfully asked for something useful to me on this site that's too far for me to get to by walking people have offered to deliver as I don't drive. I always say thank you but it means much more than they think that people are not only gifting you something but are going out of their way. 

The amazingly talented [name] made this card and t-shirt for my son. It was unexpected and absolutely lovely, so thank you xx

I made this aromatherapy care package for a friend who had lost her father to Covid. It will be a surprise for her.

Random Kindness

Kindness isn't about buying things

Kindness can be generosity, but it can also be helpfulness, choosing not to be cruel (mercy), or nurturing someone. Ultimately kindness isn't as random as we think, instead, it is choosing to be thoughtful and putting others first. If everyone did that, just imagine what our communities would be like!

my boss giving me a week off at really short notice because I am tired.... The nurse in charge sending me home early, so I can't get home safely before the roads froze..... The plumber fixing my door (not what he came to do at all!).... friends sending me uplifting songs ....

What could you do?

Random Benefits!

It turns out being kind actually boosts your wellbeing

"We got a delicious and utterly unexpected Valentine's tea, distantly doorstep"

(from the friend) It gave us great pleasure to bake for our friends. We may not be able to invite you all to tea at the moment but it doesn't mean our friends can't eat the tea. We delivered surprise teas to about twelve households of family and friends - the BEST day 😊

Acts of Kindness to yourself

We can also learn to be kind to ourselves. To question those negative thoughts we sometimes have, and to reach out for support. I'll leave you with this last quote from a Faversham Resident...

After sharing with some friends that I'd had a really stressful week, I got a knock on the door with a bag of food so I didn't have to think about dinner that night 💕 it was ridiculously kind and meant an awful lot

Funny how sometimes we hold back from sharing these things, think how many opportunities we miss. We don't do it to gain, but it gives others an opportunity to give. Let's make sure we are listening to others too!
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