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11th March 2021

What is Personality?

Personality is a term for the combination of qualities and characteristics that make you, you and me, me! It is a mix of motivations, values, reactions, interactions, interests, and much more. 

Can personality change?

Yes and no. Generally speaking, personality doesn't really change, it just matures. Perhaps we grow more comfortable with ourselves, we settle on what our interests and values are. However big life events or trauma can change the way we are, so it's not completely set in stone.

As teenagers were are beginning to work out our personality, so it might be that you find you are not as into certain things anymore, or your values and motivations are starting to change as you become more independent.

How does it impact my self-esteem?

Sometimes we can think that a certain type of personality will make us feel more popular or more liked, but we are not all the same and that is a good thing! Understanding and celebrating who we are is good for our self-esteem and emotional health. Check out todays' Spill The Tea to find out more

Extrovert or Introvert?

Well neither really and probably a bit of both! Extraversion is a scale, so you would get a percentage % as your score. I often fall between 68 & 74% . I am more extraverted, meaning that I get refueled and energised when I am around people. This is why lockdown has been difficult for me. I do have introvert tendencies though, meaning I like to pull back and be alone sometimes, and usually, here I am more self-reflective!

People whose personality is more introverted energise by being alone, or with 1 or 2 others. They value alone time and it's not a shun to you if they walk away. These first few days back at school might be difficult. You have been used to a smaller setting. It might be helpful to have a book or drawing pad, or even music (if allowed) with you so you can escape away in break times - and make use of open spaces at the weekend. 

An Activity

Why not make a mood board, using your name or a picture of yourself. Spend time finding pictures of the things you think make up your personality. You can add to it over time as you find more things out about yourself!

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