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Learn our WOW: Wellbeing Hacks

4th March 2020

Learn our WOW. Last week we tried to incorporate 'Being Active' into our daily lives. How did you do - I managed 6/7 days! This week we start part 2 of our Six Ways to Wellbeing - Learning a New Skill 

Learn a New Skill

I have to admit, this one sounds a bit daunting - learn a new skill, every day? 

Well I don't think that it means that every single day we have to learn a new skill but we can choose a skill that we would like to learn, maybe over a month

- Learn a Language

There are loads of apps that can help you do this

Draw a new object

Maybe you already love drawing but you want to try something new and see over 30 days how good you can get at it!

- Learn a song

This is one of mine, I have a show coming up at the beginning of April and I still haven't chosen the song I want to sing. I am going to make it my task this week to choose and learn a new song.

- Learn a game

Tonight Zac & Lou are at Teynham Youth and Zac is going to teach some Archery skill, and Lou some card games. We also have a volunteer with us who is going to teach some karate drills at some point! Youth clubs are great places to learn new skills - have you joined one yet? 

 - Say the alphabet backwards -

This one is a real brain teaser but once you can do it, you will remember it forever!

- the chemical element song! -

Be like Daniel Radcliffe and learn the Element Song (it's a bit out of date so you might want to check this one out instead!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwKZ8PZXXdI

This week I am going to; take a Strenthsfinder test, learn a song and learn a new recipe. 

Here at Swale Youth you can learn a variety of skills through our youth & summer clubs, mentoring training and our new wellbeing workshops! 

So what skill are you going to learn this week?

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