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kooth.com mental health & wellbeing support

30th October 2020

What is Kooth?

Kooth.com is a a free safe online mental health and wellbeing support space created for 10-16s to access. 

Kooth offers free online counselling and emotional well-being support service for young people.  It is a safe, secure and anonymous means of accessing support with their emotional health and wellbeing needs from a professional team of qualified counsellors and emotional wellbeing practitioners.  

Kooth also offers other supports such as discussion boards and magazines with peer to peer and community elements. All of which are safe and secure and pre moderated. They ensure that you have access to a range of mental health and wellbeing services especially during this difficult time. 

Make Mental Health A Priority

Last week we wrote about our stand to make mental health & wellbeing a priority

In a year, that took an unexpected but unmissable throw of a curveball, we are continuing seeking out pathways and creating new paths to support mental health & wellbeing in young people. We can set up 1:1 mentoring (or small group) support and have set up a Positive Messenger (sending out positive messages once a week), which you can access here

If you know anyone who would benefit from our free wellbeing support, please do get in touch with louise@brogdalecic.co.uk

Kooth is another way to support your mental health. It operates an out of hours service weekdays from 12 -10 pm and the weekend from 6pm to 10 pm 365 days a year. Kooth is available free to Kent Young people aged 10-16 (up to 17th birthday).  Medway 11-25 (26th Birthday)

I spoke to one young person who accessed it. She told me it had been so helpful in the moments where she didn't know where else to reach out. 

"Sometimes I'd be at home, and I wasn't ready to talk to friends or family. I started using a discussion board and then clicked to see a counsellor. It was so helpful and I could do it all from my bedroom"

Kooth Music

Kooth Music

You can also follow Kooth on Instagram. We love their content and also that they post a Monday Motivation playlist to start your week off feeling great. You can access it on Spotify by searching kooth_uk 🎶

Why not log in to kooth.com today and see how it can help you!

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