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Happiness Diaries

23rd July 2020


Happiness, what does that word mean to you? What does it mean in the context of lockdown? Some days I feel like I am in a positive place, other days I feel like all the stuff that makes me happy has disappeared. Over the summer we are going to be exploring happiness and how to increase it. 

On Instagram we are launching our #sixweeksofwellbeing and this week we have been looking at how taking care of our body can power up our wellbeing. 

On our Youtube Channel we are going to be opening the Happiness Diaries, starting this week with creating a Joy-Scape. A Joy-Scape is a mood board or picture that will help us think about four different types of happy and what those words mean. 

We are starting with this picture:

Happiness Picture Outline

You can download the outline here and watch the film down below! 

Finished Happiness Picture

see you next week!

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