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Goal Setting for 2021

13th January 2021


Is there any point in us setting goals after a year like 2020? - Absolutely and here's why!

Setting goals helps us think about who we are, what we want, and how to move forward. It gives us a sense of hope (e.g. one of mine is to go to the theatre this year), it gives us a sense of direction, a sense of self and it builds our resistance as we learn to overcome obstacles. It also plays a part in releasing our happy chemical - dopamine

And you are not too late - January the first isn't magical, just a marker. So why not start today planning out the next week, month, year. Check out our latest youtube post down below!

How to set goals

Many people find a life wheel a good place to start when thinking about the goals they want to focus on. For a teenager, this might seem quite overwhelming. We would suggest looking at the Wheel of Wellbeing and focussing on 2-3 areas of that, or using the chart below and decide on 4 habits (one from each area) with the main goal being to up your happy chemicals!

[picture source unknown]

Happiness Chemicals

I've got my goals

A couple of tips we would give when it comes to setting goals! You are more likely to achieve them if they are:

Inspiring -

We often set goals from a place of negativity "I need to do this or that". We are less likely to commit to these goals because they do not inspire us. Set goals that are positive - even if you just change the words to make it sound more pleasing. Don't set too many goals - or you will give up. It is better to focus on one than none!

You -

We can be so influenced by what other people do. I don't know how many times I have started Couch to 5K, Veganary, or a class, just because I thought it was what I ought to do, because others did it! One of these I have started this year - because I want to do it and I am excited about it. Make goals that are about you - and no one else

Mini -

Habit lead to goals! So often we make an intention but don't break it down into manageable chunks! If I want to read 12 books in a year, perhaps I can break that down to 1 book a month, or even 20 minutes of reading every evening. Habit trackers and bullet journals can be great for helping us breakdown our goals! Here's a great habit tracker from Saturday gift that you can download 


Goals need to be Specific Measurable Achievable (making them 2021 ready) Risky (just outside our comfort zone) and Time Based (when will I achieve it by). We like to make them SMARTer by asking 'E'; "Who is going to encourage me on this goal?". It is always good to find someone to encourage you to win! Our second R is about Reward. Make the reward small (not bigger than achieving the goal and make it stackable! What this means is that it enhances your goal - e.g my reward for completing C25K is new trainers or my reward for reading one book is to buy another!

Check out the video below (about half way through) to see our Pitch It! toolkit - using a football pitch to help us achieve our goals!

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