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Give our WOW: Wellbeing Hacks

12th March 2020

Image Wheel Of Wellbeing

Give Skills Share a Go

I hope you are all finally enjoying the sunshine which has made an appearance! We have been thinking about boosting our wellbeing using the Wheel of Wellbeing. This week we are looking at section three. 

How did you get on last week with learning a new skill? I managed to start to learn two new songs last week: Superstition (Stevie Wonder) & Dear Future Husband (Megan Trainor). The second of these needs me to learn better breathing skills! 

This week we are starting a new group in The Abbey School, called The Pulse, this will help young people learn some new skills to help reduce anxious behaviour! I am really excited to get this going.

Have you heard about Skills Share? A lot of influencers are talking about it! It looks like a great place to learn or share new skills if you are looking to increase your learning. 

Give Yourself Kindness

If you are like me though, you may have noticed that in focusing on one area, I have forgotten the other!! I've started using a habit tracker to make sure I build in at least one of these three areas: Be Active, Learn a new skill, Give Back, every day. We must remember to be kind to ourselves though. It's work in progress not a perfect set.

Give Our Wow Wellbeing Hacks

Give Our WOW

What does it mean to Give our WOW? Did you know that giving back to others boosted your wellbeing. I know it can feel hard if you don't feel great yourself, so maybe start with something small like:

Each day this week text a different friend and tell them why you are thankful for them! I'm going to start with my friend Carol as she has been checking up on me this week (it's been a busy week)

Each day, write down three things you are thankful for. Today it is 10.45 and I am thankful for: the sunshine, the 4 older ladies sat across from me in the café who keep laughing and it's making me smile, being given eggs from our college farm yesterday (I had no breakfast items in my fridge!)

Once a week, add a tin to the Food Bank. Most tins are under £1 and it is a great way to help your community. I am trying to do it every time I do a big shop!

Give it a Go

You may notice, this post is a day late! That is because I spent yesterday morning at Swale Youth Forum. Being one of their ambassadors is a way of giving back to your community as you get to ask the questions that matter to young people and be part of community projects.

Being a Peer Mentor is also a way to give back. At present we have at least 70 Peer Mentors in local schools and are looking forward to training more! Have we been to your school yet?

So why not give it a go? We'll be back next week to show our progress

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