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Free School Transition Booklets for Year 6!

1st July 2022

Free Booklets for Year 6!

This year we have been going into Year 6 classes all over Swale to talk about moving on to secondary school. For this season we have been looking at it through the eyes of superheros! You can follow through with the free booklet here


In this session, we think about our strengths, what are they and how can we celebrate them?


Superheroes have kit, mentors and teams that help them through their transition. What have you got in your kit? Who are your team? What mindset will you take to secondary school?



In session 3 we are thinking about some of the changes, worries, or rumours, you may have heard about secondary school. One thing we liked to do in school was to write some of these on tissue paper, then talk about solutions to them. We then did our best superhero "KAPOW" and broke through the paper showing we are stronger than any of our worries!


It is part four, the finale of our Year 6 Transition videos for 2022! In this session we are thinking about being brave and what that means for moving into Year 7.

Places to get help

If you are really struggling you can get help by talking to one of our youth team. You could also contact:

  • Childline 0800 1111
  • Kooth.com (free, anonymous, safe & online)
  • TXT Shout to 85258

Thank you for joining us!

We would like to thank the Peer Mentors from The Abbey School & Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey who helped us put this project together

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