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Fitness & Wellbeing

4th May 2020

Fitness & Me

Some people just love exercise. I am not one of them, I have to motivate myself to get going and do it. Annoyingly - I do have to admit it makes me feel better when I do (most of the time anyway)! This week, we chatted to Kerry who started her Fitness business at 19 and now is not only a personal trainer and sports massage therapist but manager of Lifestyle Fitness in Canterbury too. 

Fitness & Mindset

Kerry spoke about how in lockdown, with the restrictions on our movement she is even seeing in herself a change in her mood. We talked about how we might have hang ups about exercise from our school experiences or our body image and how to choose to do something that is fun and not a burden. Suggestions were: dance videos, running, using things around your home as weights, playing games... what else could you think of?

Lou told a story about not being able to do a box jump until she got her head around the fear of doing it. Kerry encouraged us, you can't do something if you have told yourself you can't! Tell yourself you can and see the results!

Stay Safe - Kerry encouraged us to reach out to people if we are unsure what to do. You can find her @KCLfitness on instagram or via her website kclfitness.co.uk 

Tell Yourself You Can Do It Fitness Quote

Fitness & Motivation 

Lastly we talked about how being active is good for our mental wellbeing. You can see more in our blog post here. Whatever you choose to do in this season, make it right for you. If you want to do PE with Joe Wicks at 9.30 then great, if like me, you need it in the middle of the day or end of the day, do that! Go for the couch to 5K run if you are like one of our colleagues Hannah, play football, make tik tok dance videos. Whatever you do make it fun - we'd love to hear from you!

and if you are craving eggy bread (french toast) after that interview, here's how to make ir!


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