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KCC Family Hubs mean 1000's of young people will lose support

24th July 2023

Kcc Family Hubs

KCC are proposing piloting a new Family Hub scheme where there is little or no provision for young people This means withdrawing funds from over 80 projects across Kent, and in Swale specifically, it would affect near to 2000 young people.

Every year we work with thousands of young people across Swale.  These changes will mean that young people will lose access to safe spaces for meeting up, and holiday activities. This often has a positive effect on the whole family too. Removal of funding will mean we are unable to provide: 

3 Faversham Youth Clubs

3 Sittingbourne Youth Club

5 Isle of Sheppey Youth Clubs

Holiday Activities

25+ School Wellbeing Projects (Year 6 transition, Mentoring, Buddies, Wellbeing)

Now imagine this being removed, not just in Swale but across the whole county, because this is what KCC are proposing.

They will withdraw funding from over 80 projects in Kent & this would affect near to 2000 young people in Swale.


Taking away all the main youth providers in the county and leaving only a skeletal KCC staff for targeted work, with a small number of youth will mean, in both the short and long term, much more money being spent addressing mental health problems, crime, and apathy. More than that - our young people deserve better!


1. Sign Our Petition 

Click here to access our change.org petition - and share it with everyone you know in Kent!

2. Express Your Concern

Read the consultation summary below and express your concerns for the future of young people here. The consultation is only open until 13 September 2023

Family Hubs Consultation Summary

3. Attend KCC Engagement Event

To have your say about Family Hubs, find out more about the consultation, and ask KCC questions.

9th August, 10-11.30pm: Beaches Childrens Centre, Isle of Sheppey, ME12 4NA
16th August, 10:00 - 12:00: Milton School, Sittingbourne, ME10 2EE

4. Share with others

The family hubs consultation is only open for 8 weeks (closes 13th Sept) so we need to get momentum going! Please do share with others. 

This is not just about the young people of now, but those of the future too. 

Kcc Family Hubs Affect Young People

Thank you 

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