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Back to School Essentials - Be Prepared

17th September 2019

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Back to School Essentials!

We're two weeks into school already, how are you finding it? 

One of my biggest problems at school was being organised. It's funny, people tell me now that I am super organised! Let me tell you a secret I'm totally not! I would honestly forget my head if it wasn't .... hang on, where did I leave it?!

I have had to learn some tricks to keep me (mostly) organised. 

I used to think that being organised was a personality trait, and one I didn't have. I thought i'd just have to be the one that forgets things. I soon found it was much better for me to learn these ways. I found out planning and preparation prevents poor performance... it also essential for not forgetting your new best friends birthday, auditioning for your dream role in the school play and where you put your locker key - but the great orange juice explosion is a story for another time!

5 tricks to getting organised

1. Get a box 

This is a really simple trick that we talk about in The Challenge. One of my year 8 pupils came up with it, so I can't take credit. Get a box, decorate it if you want and place it somewhere easily accessible. Make yourself empty your whole school bag into it every day when you come in. Then everything will always be here... when you do homework take it out, put it back. - parents this is also a great way of salvaging school letters! 

2. Pack your bag

Before you go to bed - look at your planner and repack your bag (from the box) for the next day! Not your lunch, or food tech, that's just gross (you can do it in the morning!) but it saves you loads of time and less altercations with teachers!

3. Take photos

If you are allowed a phone in school. Take pictures of your planner so that you know what lessons you have that day! 

4. Make a list

Most schools place a lot of importance on you having the right kit with you. This is so different to primary school where you could find most tools at school. Make a list of the items you need and at the end of each week, check you still have everything you need. 

5. Use Colour 

One of my favourite things to do, as term started was get some colour onto my planner! Obviously check that your school allow this first - but mine were fine with it. I learnt the best way to help myself was to colour the lessons on my timetable the same colour as the book cover for that lesson (it didn't always work when I got similar coloured books!)

I am a visual learner so using colour was super helpful for me and after a while I could picture my timetable and then match the colours on it to the books I needed to put in my bag

and lastly... have a spare locker key!

I hope these have been helpful - what is a way you can get organised?

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