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21st February 2023

Have you ever lost track of time in an activity?

Got so absorbed and immersed in the present moment that time just flows?

Did you know when this happens it boosts our energy and in turn makes us feel happier?

This is the E in PERMA+ and it stands for Engagement

When we lose track of time because we are in "flow" immersed in the present moment - we create momentum. When we truly engage and are absorbed in an activity our energy increases


E – Engagement

Last week VIBE went to Wingham Wildlife Park! At one point we were stood by the Red Panda - I honestly could have stood there for ages watching them, absorbed in the moment. 

Engagement can also be described as flow, it's when we are living in the present moment and focusing entirely on the task at hand. Its when we do something just for the pure joy of it, rather than a future achievement.

Flow is often engaged when we are using our strengths, growing them, or playing to them!

What are your strengths?

Research on engagement has found that individuals who try to use their strengths in new ways each day for a week were happier and less depressed after six months (Seligman, Steen, Park, & Peterson, 2005).

Perma Model

Put a ring on it!

How can I commit to being more engaged?

Make a list of 10 activities you love doing. Circle the ones where you know you often lose track of time when doing them - here's some of mine

  • Singing 
  • Creating workbooks
  • Walking
  • Coffee with Friends

Now make sure you make time for them at least every other day this week. 

Participate in activities that you really love, where you lose track of time when you do them(Bonaiuto et al., 2016).

Do you find your mind often wanders to the past, or dreams of the future? Try an hour where you just focus on the task in front of you, and practice mindfulness, or exercise. What fills your mind in a moment whereby you don't wander. This boosts your energy in a way where you can find even the most mudane tasks can be more enjoyable

This is something I really have to practice as my mind often wanders off somewhere else! 

Practice living in the moment, even during daily activities or mundane tasks (Belitz & Lundstrom, 1998).

Go on a  walk - take your camera if you want but make sure you take time to turn your 4G off and just be! This not only boosts your energy mentally but physically too!
Spend time in nature, watching, listening, and observing what happens around you (Petersen et al., 2021).

Talk to our team about how to find your values, strengths, and passions. Then take time each week to work on growing them and enjoying them!

Identify and learn about your character strengths, and do things that you excel at (Lai et al., 2018).

Let us know if you want to chat any of this through

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