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17th March 2021

Emotions & Adolescence 

Spill the tea, are teenagers really more emotional? 

Well yes and no. During adolescence, there is a lot going on in our brain! It is having a makeover and the prefrontal cortex, which is used for logic, reason & regulation in emotions, is developing. This means that most of our decision-making happens around how we feel - and that is all in the Limbic System which is totally energised in adolescence. In a good way, this means we make bold choices and take opportunities more readily, but it also means our emotions guide us and may feel overwhelming (or so overwhelming we go numb).

30 Second Upload

Emotions & Self-Esteem

Why does this affect our self-esteem? Well as we go through the brain makeover we are starting to work out who we are and where we belong. Our emotions sometimes feel so overpowering that we can start to think, this is who we are. STOP!! Emotions may be a part of who we are, but they are not our identity - just a sign of how we feel about a situation, a signpost. Emotions are there for us to pay attention to and then decide what to do. 

Inside Out Emotions

We love the Inside Out film, but we definitely have more than 5 emotions in us! It really helps to think about the word that best describes how we are feeling. Devices like feeling charts and mood meters are good for this!

Mood Metre

Reaching Out

Talking about your emotions is really helpful no matter how sad, mad or bad you feel or even if you don't feel it is important enough. The Ruler Activity below can help in working out what is going on. We found it here 

We always say there are no negative emotions, just negative situations. It is important that we experience all types of emotions! We see that in the film!

If you don't want to talk, why not log on to kooth.com and try the mini-activities or book a chat with a counselor. Check out our chat with them here to see how the site works. You can contact us if you are interested in having a mentor, being part of a wellbeing group, or would like to train as a peer mentor or wellbeing ambassador to help others. 

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