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Emoticon: The Beauty of Rain

18th June 2020


This morning I woke up, wishing I had drunk more water the day before. Now 2 litres in, I am still thirsty and reaching for more to refresh me. It's not just the lack of water though that's making me feel this way. I need refreshment. 

Welcome to emoticon. A place for conversations about emotions. 

Honestly this morning, I did not have the energy or inspiration for anything. I was suggesting myself activities and then telling myself why I didn't want to do it. I was staring at a blank screen, I rewrote this four times... once because my laptop had given up too. So what do we do when it feels like its raining inside as well as out? We need to hit the refresh button! As part of emoticon we are going to share some tips of how we can manage our emotions.

Umbrella Girl Sketch


When I realised, my mind was not going to shift on it's own, I knew I had to reach out. I rang a friend and a colleague, and told her how I felt. She assured me that it is ok to have a down day, to feel unmotivated and uninspired especially in the current climate. She reminded me to be kind to me and made a few gentle suggestions of some things I could do. It's good to have an emoticon!


One suggestion was to go for a walk, and take photos of droplets of water on plants and leaves. To help it inspire me both by being active and taking notice, two portions of the wheel of wellbeing. I decided to try a walk around the block and it turned out to be a helpful action for me. I even saw a couple of friends on the way which was nice. Sometimes, even though I want to crash on the sofa with chocolate & pizza; getting moving is the better choice (and I can crash after!). During lockdown I've become a big fan of Popsugar Fitness and dance routines, but you do you! 

A Collection Of Wet Flowers


As I walked I thought about what else inspires me and how I could fill my mind with some of those things: music, creativity, phone calls, drinking water, eating something good at lunchtime. 

I also allowed the space around me to inspire me. I looked at my strawberries and saw that they had been refreshed by the rain and how it had done them good and they were going from green to red.

I created the template below which is on our instagram highlights, to help remind me of what inspires me and lifts my mood. You can use it too! A great way to start your own emoticon!

Template Instagram


There was something that happened before I left though. I went to my room to put a jumper on for my walk, paused for a moment and cried. I don't know why I cried, I think a mixture of overwhelm, frustration and tiredness of the current climate. We need to allow these moments to happen, for me it is all part of the process of refreshment. To allow the tears to come, to address where they are coming from, and sometimes to accept that I won't know the answer. Tears are allowed. 


Finally, I chose to take my mind off of myself by speaking out thankfulness (for my friend, for my strawberry development, for the rain) and celebrating someone else. I rang a parent of the winner of our BOOST AWARD, it was great to celebrate our winner and I look forward to telling you who it is!

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