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Courage: finding your brave

7th February 2020

Courage, Bravery, what do these words mean to you? 

I don't really like spiders, I know they are apparently more scared of me than me of them, but I don't really like them. Every time I see one in my house, I know I have to overcome my dislike and remove the spider from my home (sorry).  

I also don't really like clowns, they are a bit harder to remove, but you are unlikely to find me at a circus. 

I don't always feel brave. I love theatre and quite often you'll see me on stage, and people say - you must be brave but I don't feel that's what bravery is to me.  

Bravery is turning up to an audition and being asked to sing a dong you've never sung. Bravery for me is standing infront of other auditionees singing this song, leg wobbling so much you are sure everyone can see, but singing the song until the end.  

 Bravery for me is going to a new place, knowing I don't know anyone there. 

Bravery is pushing the door open and walking into that room.  Bravery for me is speaking up when I know something is not ok, sharing my opinion when it's different to others, apologising when I know I am in the wrong, removing spiders from my home.  

Courage to Fail 

In my choir we have a saying "wrong and strong", it means even if you sing a wrong note you carry on, don't stop just hold your head up high 

 Courage. I love books that are to do with adventure, I always have done. Yet I know sometimes I've not started adventures because I have been so scared of failure. Sometimes I've wanted to be creative but I've been scared to start in case I make a mess.  

Courage. My mum told me that courage is not a feeling, its an action and a choice. She told me you can't just feel it, you have to make a decision to feel it. Often you feel courageous as you do the courageous thing. You have to 'take courage'. 

For me, it's opening my mouth and singing that first note, pushing that door into the new room of people, saying hello, turning up, removing that spider! 

Cowardly Lion From The Wizard Of Oz

Find Your Brave 

Each time you step forward into courage you become more courageous. The part I got after auditions was the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz. The lion is searching for courage so he can be King of the Forest. What he learnt was courage is already in us, we just have to remind ourselves - for him it was through the symbol of a medal. 

What is your next step of bravery? How can we help you being brave? Is it turning up to a youth club, speaking out, joining Absolute Arts and become creatively courageous. 

We'd love to hear from you about how we can support your bravery!