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WOW: A lot can change in one week

26th March 2020

Wow Connect

Connect With Others

Our next step in our wheel of wellbeing was to connect with others. How do we do this, when we are being told to isolate? We know that close relationships with friends and family is so good for us (even adding years to our lives) so it is important that in this time we explore new ways to connect with others. 

Image Wheel Of Wellbeing

'Appy Connecting 

Most of you will have already found online ways to connect whether it's whatsapp, tiktok, instagram, or snapchat - you are way ahead of many of the older generations! Why not share your expert knowledge and show them how to use it (although no one wants to see their dad pop up on tiktok). Just remember to stay safe, making sure who you are talking to is really who you are talking to. For more advice on online safety follow Think u know online.

Connect with Activity

Right now activity is really important. I know it's tempting to duvet day, every day 


but its better for our wellbeing to get up and do something- even if you just start with one thing.

You make that one thing even better by using it to connect with others. What do you enjoy doing? Online Gaming with friends (remember to take a screen break), making videos, start a podcast, write a letter, songwriting in a group on whatsapp, setting up a Netflix party (we've got a vlog on that coming tomorrow). Online PE lessons or workouts are great to follow with friends - put the live stream on one devise and group chat on another!

Tonight there is a worldwide watch party of Doctor Who: Rose why not join in with that?

Connect through learning

I know that you are having homework set but why not grow your passions. There are great sites like skillshare where there are so many different workshops you can join in with!

Have An Epic Birthday

We are also going to be connecting with you (and you each other) through our wellbeing workshops: Zoom into Wellbeing. Email Louknow if you want to be a part of this

Connect through giving

How can you connect with others in this time. There are lots of people talking about writing letters (some are scanning them in rather than sending them), phoning older relatives who might feel alone - or even checking in on friends who may feel this way. How can you give your talents with the world by creating something that makes people feel less alone?


The Reality: There will be moments where you will want to get away from people in the house. Maybe as a family design certain areas of the house that are 'your sanctuary's', like when you made dens when you were young  (ed. I still make them now). Perhaps you need a 'code' word or picture that means 'I need some time out'. Use your one exercise a week to get into the garden or out into an open space. If the tension is more than this and you are scared or concerned about your situation (or a friends) you can ring SATEDA for help. 

We are here to point you in the direction of help, if you need it, do get in touch

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