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Christmas Podcast & Self Care in Advent

10th December 2020


What's on your plate?

We've started our Podcast with a Christmas Special, talking all things Food Mood & Wellbeing. Francesca & Lou are chatting about what their mood, food & viewed has been this month! Plus, they talk about Christmas traditions and ask about emotions, overwhelm and indulgence when it comes to the holiday season.  We've got a lot to learn but we are loving the process - join us on our journey!  Available on Spotify here or all good podcast outlets if you search 'What's On Your Plate' with the icon above! 

Advent Self Care Calendar

Click on the link below for a PDF copy of the Self Care Takeaway we describe in our What's On Your Plate: The Full Brussel Sprout!

Self Care Takeaway 

Christmas Self Care Plate

Christmas Detox

We continue with our Self Care Calendar. Yesterday Lou talked about screen time and gave some great tips on how to have a digital detox (especially if you are self-isolating!)

Christmas Bake Off

Christmas Cookies

Our Bake-off ends tonight and entries are being sent off to Food with Freind Café for the Craftworks Students to judge! We will announce the winner tomorrow!

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