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It's a Bugs Life! Creative activity

14th June 2019

What a weird week it has been for the weather. We've has been completely confused by what to wear and whether we need to pack our wellies! We've even had hail! In June!!

Our Monday night youth club is always coming up with great ideas to fill the evening! This group is open to young people with disabilities and they love to get involved with the teams creative ideas.

This week, Debs had planned on taking the group on a bug hunt! Which was a fab idea, untill the rain came!!

Not one to be deterred the group decided if they couldn't hunt for bugs then they would make some themselves.

What creative ideas they all had! we think they are great, especially that caterpillar! 

It just goes to show, a little rain doesn't have to get you down!

Creating Bugs
Bugs Life Craft