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Bee Emoticon: all the feels about returning to school

4th September 2020


🐝 I've just sat on the concrete path outside my house, trying to revive a bee. It was difficult to get it to even take to the sugar, but once it did it was amazing, even calming to watch. Then it walked a bit and collapsed again, so I tried again to give it sugar. Eventually it took in more. 

It made me think about whether I am patient like this with myself...

Have you ever waited in a queue for a roller coaster so long, that once you get on it, it's not fun anymore.  I have. 

You get a mixture of all the emotions: excitement which sometimes feels like anxiety, boredom, that sick feeling and then… underwhelm. All the energy went before it should have. 

I’ve been working from home since March 18th. I had 21 weeks of not being around people with two weeks in the summer where I got to see some of my team. 23 weeks of not being sure what was to come next. It was a long wait. I felt all the feels. Yesterday I came home drained. 

How have you been?

I spoken to some of you and you have been a bundle of feelings: excitement to see friends again, tired because this whole thing has dragged on, worried about all the changes, confused about all the changing information, anxious because you have changed, a bit sick…. 

That's OK. It's normal. Reach out to us if you need to 

Whats your sugar?

I get energy from people. I'm an extrovert, but I'm also an empath, meaning I soak in all the emotions around me. This can be awesome at a gig but also it can be draining. I've learnt to distance myself when I need to. Back stage before a show you will find me alone, I need to draw on my own energy, not the nerves of others. 

I realised yesterday I've spent a lot of my energy trying to make everything normal again; I even got up early to go to the gym before work! 

Perhaps like the bee, we need to take moments to come back to the things that energise us

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