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The Autism Apprentice CIC

27th January 2021

Autism Apprentice 

Happy Hump Day

It's the return of Hump Day Honours and this week we are shedding the light on The Autism Apprentice CIC


Over the last ten months, we have had the opportunity to direct people toward The Autism Apprentice CIC, but who are they and how can they help?

The Autism Apprentice CIC are parents Sarah and Donna who both have children and adults with broad and complex needs. This gives them a unique and essential depth of understanding, personal knowledge, and hands-on experience, allowing them to have an insight into the complexities and skills required to meet the individual needs of the client. From here they are then able to relate to the client and support so that they can access the services parent/carers/young people are rightly entitled to. 

Both have a determination to make the future brighter for others. They are very welcoming, and throughout the pandemic, have continued to support many families. Head to their Facebook page and you can see all the fantastic feedback they receive. Having lived through the process of successfully navigating the system for Education Health Care Plans (EHCP) for their own children; appealing decisions, attending  SEN tribunal, working with the Local Authority, social services, other multi-disciplinary teams, and much more

"Nice to get, and discuss, practical advice from people who understand and have been there, rather than simply being told some 'theory' about what's best."

The Autism Apprentice CIC offers free advice and support to families who care for a young person with autism/adhd and can provide strategies around challenging behaviour, anxiety, sleep, school refusal, etc. 

Particularly in this time where a large number of families are requiring emotional support, they want you to know, you are not alone and they have a number of ways in which they can support you remotely. This includes a chance to meet other parent/carers in the Sittingbourne, Sheppey, Faversham area in a zoom virtual group over a 7-week period. If you’d like to find out more or book a space, please contact: info@autismapprentice.co.uk or call 0300 011 0300 First come first served and we will operate a waiting list

To get in touch with them you can also click here

Thank you Autism Apprentice for all you are doing!

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