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Art Journals with Brogdale CIC

3rd June 2020

This week we are looking at the theme of Go Big: projects that fill up your time. 

Art Journal

The team at Brogdale CIC have put together a video detailing how to create your own journal. This is a wonderful keepsake that can help a young person fill time, but also create memories or support their wellbeing (filling it with positive images & quotes).

You need 

  • paints (in the video we used acrylics but I have used watercolours at home)
  • A4 or A3 paper
  • A cardboard box (for the cover)
  • Tissue Paper & other craft items around your house (optional)
  • needle (or copper wire)
  • thread (or wool, ribbon or string)
  • Pens
  • Time & patience!

Starting Point

  • Create at least ten pages in total.
  • Paint different backgrounds on your paper.
  • Don’t forget to paint both sides of the paper!
  • Suggestions: Paint one side of the paper first, then let it dry overnight before you paint the next side.
  • Use different colours on each side.
  • You do not have to cover each piece of paper completely, it is fine to have some white spaces and shapes, but there must be some paint on every side of the paper.
  • Use two or more colours on each side of the paper – the more the better.
  • Why not use some tissue paper? Tear it up into different shapes and use the PVA glue mixed with water to stick them to your page.
  • Have a go at painting inside some shapes to create a pattern, or painting on top of shapes to create white spaces. Remember, nothing is a bad idea when it comes to painting backgrounds.
  • Try and make ten pages for your journal, painted or decorated on each side – if you make more, that’s fine!

Have a look at our video to see how to pop it all together!

Happy crafting

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