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Abilities, Talents & Skills

25th March 2021

Abilities, Talents & Skills

We all have them! I know, when someone asks you what can you do, or what are your skills your mind goes blank - but I promise you, you have them. Remember last week, we talked about the brain being made over, well part of that means that we start to be unsure about what we are into anymore. Like in inside out where Riley's Personality Islands start to fall.  We question, do I like this or did I just do it because my parents sent me. We feel less confident sometimes and new things can bother us. We wonder what our friends think of it all, we consider applying for Britains Got Talent. All this is perfectly normal. This is the best time to experiment with abilities, talents & skills, your brain is actually ready for you to do this!

Know Yourself

The first thing you can do is start writing a list, or a mind map, or even make a vision board if you are feeling crafty! Think about these three things:

  • Things I learnt to do in 2020. 
  • Things I love doing. 
  • Things I'd love to try

I'd probably write something like 1. podcasting, DIY, editing... 2. Baking, writing, singing 3. Rock Climbing, Directing, Ice Skating (I mean I haven't done it since I was 16) 

Then from this whole list, just choose one thing! (From my list I am going to choose podcasting)

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Find Your Gandalf

Having a mentor to guide you is really helpful, This might be someone you know, a youth worker (you can ask us for a free mentor), a youtube tutorial, or something like skillshare. They can help you and encourage you to grow but also give you some tips & guidance.

If I had chosen Rock Climbing, I would have gone to Paul at Creed- there is no way I would be doing that on my own!

Get Smart

Setting goals helps grow our self-esteem. This is not only when we achieve the goal but all the little steps of the journey add to it too. It can help us know more about ourselves and what we enjoy. We set SMART goals because they are known to be more effective

  • SPECIFIC - the more specific you make it the better. "I am going to make a podcast on coffee and have 10 episodes recorded by the end of July"
  • MEASURABLE - How will I know I have achieved it? Well by July 31st I will have 10 podcasts recorded!
  • ACHIEVABLE - Is it achievable. Yes - it works out to one a fortnight
  • RELEVANT - Does it matter to you. Really? We can so easily end up setting goals for other people, not for ourselves. No Compares - why does this matter to you?
  • TIME BASED - well I have my goal for the end of July. This is good, but make other smaller deadlines to get it done. 

Just Do It!

Take a Step, what is the first thing you need to do? I already have created an account with Anchor.fm but the next step now is to actually get a recording! So I have set a small deadline to get my trailer up by the 30th of March and my first podcast recorded by the end of the Easter holidays!

If you want some help coming up with a goal to set.... why not try it by setting a goal to make one of these giant creme eggs!

Failure is an option

This is one of the biggest things that can hold us back. I promise you though, I would never have made the world's best cookies, had I not tried again after the first attempt. Forbes magazine published an article for business leaders which said

"You can’t develop resilience with just success in your life. You have to experience setbacks in order to build resilience, but the good news is that your resilience gets stronger each time you overcome challenges or obstacles. But, we have to understand what happened from our failure – reverse engineer it to see what we can learn from this experience."

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